Use your mouse to click anywhere inside of the game to get started. 

Use any key or your mouse to make the bird jump over the hurdles. 

If you get caught behind or on-top of the hurdles, the bird will be pushed off screen and the game will end. 

Hit any key to restart the game and try again.

Beat the best time for bragging rights! 

Open-source infinite runner game.

Skills demo.

Game Engine - Unity 5 
Developed using C# in Visual Studio Community 2017
Unity 5: 2D Essential Training
Author - Jesse Freeman

Sprites (Hurdles/Player) Artwork downloaded from asset store then modified in Unity 5.
Name of Asset: Match 3 - Pets Sprite Mega Pack:
Creator: App Advisory -
Name of Asset: Sprite Pack #1 - Tap and Fly
Creator: G.E.TeamDev -

Video preview of game

Made withUnity

Development log

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